Inexperienced Defense

Dave Sarachan, as a mainstay of the United States national football team, controls the time of the team. The most important point fells on how to attack others as much as possible. View consequences of the last eight football games, one could only find eight goals have been won by them.

But performances in the 4-2 to Los Cafeteros, its defensive strength furrow brows and cause more people’s frustration. On hearing the opening whistle, Colombia has perceived that the game will test defense strength of the United States side, which consists of left-back Antonee Robinson and left midfielder Kenny Saief. In the end of the game, the defense strength is proved to be effective.

Considering specific situation and individual ability, Radamel Falcao was considered as the footballer who should have scored for the Colombia national football team. A defender Matt Miazga expressed his analyses involving the football game. He argues that all footballers performed well with a certain strategy while their paces were disturbed in the second half for breakthroughs have been made.

At the time of trying to nullify their play, rivals seem find a way out and get through it. All they could do after the game is to learn from videos and slightly adjusted their strategies. There are many things to do for the inexperienced defender Robinson aged 21. Because the young footballers could not estimate the space between him and center-back John Brooks. The defender Wigan tried to amend to a certain extent when he came across such situations. Finally, the green hand was replaced after 76 minutes.

To a certain extent, it is difficult for Robinson to learn more skills in short time. He suffered from football games against Brazil national football team. Only bounce back to Mexico national football team. All competition are extremely good opportunities for youngsters to learn skills. For some regular footballers, the football game is ideal for regulars and other people.

Now let’s turn to the news on excellent footballers — Rorreira and Aubameyang. December is taken as the “derby day” for three consecutive derbies. Football teams like Fulham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton will emerge in football games recently. In fact, there is a standout game in North London.

In the past decade, fixtures involving Arsenal and Tottenham are wonderful amongst numerous football games. The great football is produced through football games, and those football games are well worth remembering as well. Up to now, most supporters take the position with teams next to Emery’s regime. Under the guidance of Wenger, Arsenal often performs well in derbies in north London. At Emirates, it is probably to meet and play with the fiercest enemies. There is no doubt that victory is important for all football games who have taken part in games.

Football is a popular sport that many countries and football teams dedicate to the sport at home and abroad. All hope to establish themselves in the football field.

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