Manchester United: Rio Ferdinand

A former professional and current television pundit Rio Gavin Ferdinand was born in November 1978, taking the position of a centre back. From 1997 to 2011, he played 81 football matches for the England national football team, and he also played World Cup games for three times. Many people taken him as one greatest footballer of England squad. In addition, he also won many honours and accolades in his international career.

Ferdinand started his football playing career when he was young. After numerous appearances, he settled at West Ham United, in which he accumulated many experiences and grew into an excellent footballer. Then he accomplished his Premier League debut in 1996. Then he turned to be the most favourite football player, and won the Hammer of the Year award in the following season. In 1997, he earned the first international cap in a match, breaking previous records as the youngest defensive football player at that time.

His pre-eminent talents and footballing potential caught attentions from Leeds United, becoming a footballer of the team for £18 million. He was appointed as the captain of Leeds United after two seasons. One year later, he broke records once again for about £30m. He won a critical club honour in Premier League matches. In 2003, he was banned from playing matches for eight months, because he missed a drugs test. Besides, many accolades and opportunities were screwed subsequently, such as half a Premier League season, Manchester United’s FA Cup triumph, and the Euro 2004 international competition, etc.

He established himself in Man United in the first team, winning plaudits for his outstanding performances. During his spell in Manchester United, the footballer was a member of the team winning six Premier League titles and 14 trophies. In 2014, he transferred to Queens Park Rangers when his expired. One season after, he was released, because of Queens Park Rangers’ relegation from the Premier League. In 2015, he decided to end his football playing career.

Then Ferdinand intended to become a boxer, in order to cope with his wife’s death. With the sponsorship from company Betfair, he tried to win qualifications from British Boxing Board of Control (BBBC) licence, so that he could participate in training and competition.

Second to player Ashley Cole, Ferdinand was the most capped football player for England national football team, playing 81 games for the national squad. Although having been capped for World Cup four times in row, he failed to catch opportunities for UEFA Euro 2008 and European Championship.

Regardless controversies about a goal, Ferdinand netted three goals for England squad at World Cups, the first one in 2001. When he was 19 years old, he earned his cap as a replacement in a friendly in 1997. At that time, he was the youngest defender playing important role at World Cups. Ferdinand could have accomplished his debut earlier if he had not been charged of driving under influence. Prior to tragedy of Princess Diana, he was named in the team for the game; under influences from media and public opinions, there was no other choices but to drop the teenager.

The Success of Heung-min Son

On December 24, 2018 at the premier focus, spurs on the road, which is the third largest 6-2 4-1 victory over Everton, game, Heung-min Son lit his single-game alone made five goals. Can say so, Heung-min Son the south Koreans to help achieve this a victory. More terrible is that such a full blood Heung-min Son south speak against China in the Asian cup group stage regression, ask such Heung-min Son let’s what to do? The Heung-min Son excellently, he scored the first goal especially, South Korean pop with a small Angle first shot with the England goalkeeper. 26 minutes, Everton defender with error, guard and goalkeeper Pickford all have no the ball under control, and Heung-min Son high-speed plug in, in front of two Everton player the ball away. Pickford tried to save but ran into his teammate. It is worth mentioning that Heung-min Son after cutting in from too good not to shoot Angle, but with the ball to the big box on the left side of the line. Everyone thinks he is going to stop the ball wait for teammates, reinforce Heung-min Son’s foot directly clipped, the ball to draw a beautiful arc, the net. It was also a very important goal for spurs as they Equalised with it. After that, Heung-min Son will open the floodgates, 34th minute, Heung-min Son on the left the breakthrough, confident of his direct small Angle volley, the ball was Pickford saved, but Ali alert on, before the spurs 2-1 lead the score. 41 minutes, Heung-min Son manufacturing free-kick, terry’s penalty goal shot directly, make fine save Pickford, the ball will be saved, but Kane in the box again, before the Tottenham 3-1 lead. Spurs are third in the premier league, five points behind second-placed Manchester city, and two ahead of fourth-placed Chelsea. Manchester city and Chelsea were in shock over the weekend, with the blue moon losing 3-2 to crystal palace and the blues losing 1-0 to Leicester city.

As a result, spurs, who play in the evening, are expected to close the gap with Manchester city and widen the gap with Chelsea. Spurs did, eventually, of course, this comfortable victory is Heung-min Son alone. Touch the ball game, Heung-min Son 46 times, passing 32 times, scoring four times, shot is 3 times, creating two opportunities, goal 2, 1, assists data is quite perfect. Of course, Heung-min Son isn’t mental clarity, since November 3, Heung-min Son accumulated in the recent eight premier league games played 486 minutes, scored 5 goals, assists, 5 times the same period is the premier league’s best player. At the same time, in the recent six matches in all competitions, Heung-min Son scored 5 goals, and recently has scored four goals in four rounds the premier league two assists. Since donning Tottenham Hotspur kit, Heung-min Son directly involved in the 50 premier league goals scored (35 + 15 assists), from the data we also see not hard, Heung-min Son performance is so perfect. It should be pointed out that the Asian cup is about to start in January, and China and South Korea are divided into the same group. Tottenham has made it clear that Heung-min Son will after the game against Manchester city on January 14, return to the national team, but China and South Korea’s game will be held on January 16. At the appointed time, Heung-min Son can play? What will China do if he appears? Perhaps this is the most worrying topic for Chinese football fans these days. On the other hand, after Tottenham’s 6-2 win over Everton, their top scorer Kane spoke of his vision of the title race: “everyone is talking about Liverpool and Manchester city and we are just doing our daily job. There is still a long way to go and the schedule is very busy at this stage. We’ve had a great week and it’s important to keep up the momentum. We have a lot of new and heavy games coming up, but we can certainly win them.

Inexperienced Defense

Dave Sarachan, as a mainstay of the United States national football team, controls the time of the team. The most important point fells on how to attack others as much as possible. View consequences of the last eight football games, one could only find eight goals have been won by them.

But performances in the 4-2 to Los Cafeteros, its defensive strength furrow brows and cause more people’s frustration. On hearing the opening whistle, Colombia has perceived that the game will test defense strength of the United States side, which consists of left-back Antonee Robinson and left midfielder Kenny Saief. In the end of the game, the defense strength is proved to be effective.

Considering specific situation and individual ability, Radamel Falcao was considered as the footballer who should have scored for the Colombia national football team. A defender Matt Miazga expressed his analyses involving the football game. He argues that all footballers performed well with a certain strategy while their paces were disturbed in the second half for breakthroughs have been made.

At the time of trying to nullify their play, rivals seem find a way out and get through it. All they could do after the game is to learn from videos and slightly adjusted their strategies. There are many things to do for the inexperienced defender Robinson aged 21. Because the young footballers could not estimate the space between him and center-back John Brooks. The defender Wigan tried to amend to a certain extent when he came across such situations. Finally, the green hand was replaced after 76 minutes.

To a certain extent, it is difficult for Robinson to learn more skills in short time. He suffered from football games against Brazil national football team. Only bounce back to Mexico national football team. All competition are extremely good opportunities for youngsters to learn skills. For some regular footballers, the football game is ideal for regulars and other people.

Now let’s turn to the news on excellent footballers — Rorreira and Aubameyang. December is taken as the “derby day” for three consecutive derbies. Football teams like Fulham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Everton will emerge in football games recently. In fact, there is a standout game in North London.

In the past decade, fixtures involving Arsenal and Tottenham are wonderful amongst numerous football games. The great football is produced through football games, and those football games are well worth remembering as well. Up to now, most supporters take the position with teams next to Emery’s regime. Under the guidance of Wenger, Arsenal often performs well in derbies in north London. At Emirates, it is probably to meet and play with the fiercest enemies. There is no doubt that victory is important for all football games who have taken part in games.

Football is a popular sport that many countries and football teams dedicate to the sport at home and abroad. All hope to establish themselves in the football field.

World Super Football Players

From the moment Atmane Airouche, president of French soccer club AS Bondy, saw Kylian Mbappe, he knew this five-year-old kid would have a big future ahead of him. “He is got eyes in the back of his head. He knows how to anticipate where the ball will go,” Airouche said. When Mbappe scored for France in the final of this year’s World Cup, that future had definitely arrived. Earlier this mouth, he made the cover of Time magazine, which even named him “the future of football”. At age 19,Mbappe has put his heart and soul into soccer for most of his life. “I didn’t have the moments of so-called normal people during adolescence, like going out with friends, enjoying good times,” he told Time.

His hard work isn’t the only reason for his success, if you look at his background, you will see that sport is in his blood. His father is a soccer coach and his mother used to be a handball player. Mbappe began his profession career for a lesser-known club in Monaco in 2015, but within two years, Paris ST Germain paid Euro 180 million (1.4 billion yuan) for Mbappe’s transfer, making him the second most expensive player in the world. He quickly proved he was worth the money by playing a big part last season, in which the club won the biggest competitions in the French league. All players, great, good and average, have heroes. They see a star player and try to be like that player. As a child, Mbappe looked up to Cristiano Ronaldo. But if the Portuguese striker was an inspiration to him, Mbappe says that he wants to be a greater star one day. Speaking to Marca newspaper, Mbappe said that he loves Ronaldo, but believes he can be better than he. “I am a competitor and a person who is very competitive and all i want to do is win, win, win,” he said. Only the years ahead will tell whether he can succeed, but whatever Mbappe does on the pitch, it will likely be remarkable.

Croatian playmaker Luca Modric broke a decade of award dominance by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi after being crowned World Footballer of the Year by FIFA on Monday. Modric was voted FIFA’s best player in the 2017-18 season after winning the Champions League for a fourth time in five seasons with Real Madrid and leading Croatia to its first World Cup final where it lost to French. “This trophy is not just mine,” the 33-year-old midfielder said. “It is for all my Real Madrid teammates. For all my teammates on the Croatia national team. For all the coaches that I have played for.” Messi and Ronaldo had been the only winners of FIFA’s top individual award since 2008,winning five titles each. Modric, who is 5-foot-8,was doubted early in his career because of his height. “These things were not a burden, they only further motivated me,” Modric said at the World Cup. “You don’t have to be a strapping lad to play football.”

Francesco Totti

A talented player, Francesco Totti can play as an attacking midfielder or second striker, he can also play as a lone striker or winger. He is often called Er Bimbo de Oro(The Golden Boy), L’Ottavo Re di Roma(The Eighth King of Rome) and Er Pupone (The Big Baby) by the Italian sports media. Totti played for Italy national team 8 years and retired from the national team in 2007. He said that he wanted to play for As Roma intently and he certainly spent entire career at Roma.

On 17 July 2017, Totti announced his retirement from the club with 243 goals in Serie A and accepted an offer from Roma to become a club director. He made his last appearance for Roma on 28 May 2017, receiving a standing ovation from the fans.

On 28 March 1993, the king of Roma made his debut for Roma. No one could foresee what Totti and the team created together in the next 20 years. He has become the greatest player in the history of Roma, and his leadership is undoubtedly unassailable. Throughout his career, Totti was a versatile and elegant player who was capable of playing anywhere along the front line. He was also known for his ball control, vision, creativity, as well as his ability to set the pace in midfield and to provide through-balls and assists for his teammates.

Francesco Totti has got UEFA President’s Award, Gazzetta Sports Awards Legend award and Globe Soccer Player Career Award in 2017 and Laureus Academy World Sports Exceptional Achievement Award in 2018.

According to the latest football news, Roma and Barcelona will meet at the same group in the quarterfinals of the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League. Totti said that he was happy that Rome could play games against Barcelona. He explained:“the important European games will give players motivation and sometimes will give them unexpected power.” He will fulfill his promise to take his son to Camp Nou in order to watch the games because his son is a fan of Messi and watching the games with Messi is a very pleasant thing. In terms of the relationship with Messi, Totti said he got along well with him and they often communicated with each other.

Although the legendary footballer left Roma, the club needs to fight for more titles. The football shirts provided for these excellent players in Roma by Nike are comfortable and breathable. Fans can buy them and wear them to show your loyalty.

Similar to the new 2017-18 PSG away jersey, the Roma 2017-18 third jersey and shorts also feature the disruptive pattern. The whole kit, including the shorts and socks, is black-brown with orange details. There are orange stripes on shoulders and sleeves. Nike Swoosh is orange, too. The club crest is also printed on the chest to show respect for the great club. It portrays the female wolf with the two infant brothers Romulus and Remus that is associated with the founding of Rome. The brand new third shirt looks like training shirt without sponsor’s name on the chest.

Dani Alves

Born on 6 May 1983, Dani Alves is a professional right back who plays for Brazil national team and French club Paris Saint-Germanin. He serves as the third captain of the club. Besides, Alves played for other football clubs, including Barcelona, Esporte Clube Bahia, Sevilla and Juventus.

On 2 July 2008, Barcelona officially announced that they had signed a four-year contract with Dani Alves. He made his debut for Barcelona in the 2008-09 season and helped the club win La Liga, Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League this season. In his second season, Barcelona got the La Liga title again and won the 2009 FIFA Club World Cup with the aid of Alves. In the 2010-11 season, Barcelona retained the third La Liga title. On 6 June 2015, Alves, together with Messi, Xavi, Gerard Piqué and Sergio Busquets, helped the team get the title of the 2015 Champions League.

Football fans may know that Dani Alves has a good relationship with Messi, one of football legends on the planet. Messi is wise and shy while Alves is observant and outgoing. The cooperation between the two players was frightening and Alves also helped Messi score a lot of goals.

On 12 July 2017, Alves transferred to Paris Saint-Germain from Juventus with a two-year contract. He completes his debut on 29 July and scored one goal and one assist, wearing the PSG shirt.

As an excellent player, Dani Alves has won FIFA U-20 World Cup Bronze Ball award in 2003, UEFA Cup Most Valuable Player award in the 2005-06 season, UEFA Super Cup Man of the Match in 2006 and La Liga Defender of the Season award in the 2008-09 season.

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The brand new 17-18 football shirt was unveiled jointly by Nike and Paris Saint-Germain. It combines the traditional elements of the club’s home jerseys and Nike’s innovative technologies.

The new Nike Vapor shirt features a modern round collar with a three-colored stripe. “PARIS” is knitted in the stripe to prize the city. A slogan “ICI C’EST PARIS(Here is Paris.)” is printed interior of the collar. Three colors(blue, red and white) shown on the shirt represent separately grandeur, respect and passion which are the core values of PSG. In addition, “grandeur” and “passion” are respectively embroidered the inside of the sleeves. Indispensable Nike Swoosh and the club crest are printed on the chest. The iconic red stripe down the center of the new jersey is thinner than usual and consists of small chevrons.

Nike AeroSwift technology allows players to focus on games during 90 minutes.

The shorts and socks of the home kit have the same color as the shirt and are also printed with white Nike Swoosh. Nike has used recycled polyester to produce these kits, which not only makes sure of the high performance of kits but also reduces the impact on the environment.

Marek Hamšík

Marek Hamšík(born on 27 July 1987) is a Slovak attacking midfielder who serves as the vice-captain of Slovakia national team and the captain of Italian club Napoli, competing in Serie A.

As a core player of both the national team and the club, Hamšík has won a few individual awards. He was awarded Serie A Young Footballer of the Year in 2008, Most assists in Serie A in the 2012-13 and 2014-15 seasons, Peter Dubovský Trophy in 2007 and 2008. Besides, Hamšík has got Slovak Footballer of the Year award six times.

Regarded as an energetic, hard-working and tactically versatile midfielder, Hamšík is capable of playing in different positions. He can score or create goals for his teammates. His leadership and stamina allow him to get a lot of victories for the two teams.


Hamšík helped Napoli win Coppa Italia in the 2011-12 and 2013-14 seasons, and Supercoppa Italiana in 2014. The shirt worn by him when he scored the 116th goal for Napoli has been collected in Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli(National Archaeological Museum of Naples) according to the official website of Napoli. His 116 goals have surpassed Maradona’s and he currently becomes a hero of the club.

Hamšík confirmed that he would play for Napoli until he hung up his boots. “I am very happy in Napoli, and so was my family. I feel like home here. The city is beautiful and the people are very warm. Although Juventus and Milan were both interested in me, I didn’t join them. I didn’t think I was ready to transfer at that time and I didn’t want to leave the team,” said Hamšík, “From a professional perspective, I have everything here. I also believe that even if the football world is unpredictable, I will end my career here.”

He, representing Slovakia, played games in the UEFA European Under-17 Championship and the UEFA European Under-19 Championship. He also played for Slovakia national under-21 team. On 7 February 2007, Hamšík made his debut for Slovakia national team. On 13 October 2007, he scored his first national goal in a match against San Marino national team. On 5 October 2017, Hamšík completed his 100th appearance for Slovakia national team in a 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification match.

In the 1984-1985 season, Maradona, the king of football, made his debut for Napoli, wearing a yellow shirt. Inspired by the shirt, Napoli started to use yellow as the main color of the away shirt from the 2011-12 season so as to pay tribute to the classic shirt and encourage players to win more victories at the same time.

The 2017-18 away shirt is yellow, too, which is a strong contrast to the blue home shirt and the dark blue third shirt. It features a round collar. Supplier’s logo and sponsors’ names are shown on the front of the shirt. The club crest is proudly printed on chest. New shorts are sky blue, and socks are yellow, completing the away kit.

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